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Our Twin House

by Laurel ~ November 17th, 2009

Our Twin House

Our Twin House

For an area that is suburban at best — I think of it mostly as living in the country — the county has a wonderful town historian. She maintains an excellent website entitled Penn Yan & how it got that way.

On the website, the historian has many homes and other buildings mapped with a brief history, including our own. It was here I learned that there is what is described as a twin house up the street from us at 328 Main Street, pictured above. The base structure does appear to be the same. We have shutters on our house, and peering behind them, sure enough, the same detail is there. The twin house is painted white only, and the detail disappears to a certain extent. However there are also some differences in the house. The porch placement is quite different, and near as I can tell the entry to the kitchen is on the right of the house rather than the left.

Recently, we drove by and noted a “For Sale” sign on the lawn. I determined it would be nice to drop in on an open house, but never actually saw an open house advertised. I do not like taking advantage of others, even realtors, so sadly I never arranged for a viewing of the house. We were actually quite surprised to see a “Sold” sign on the place so quickly.

At 3606 square feet the square footage in the listing is a bit less than our house, and it has many interior differences. Two minor but notable differences are the dining room floor and the recessed wall niche along the front stairway. Asking price in the listing was $189k, not bad at all for a historic home. There are some interesting images in the slide show of the interior, if you are interested, though given this is the realtor’s site and it is sold, I expect the link will soon be nonfunctional.

Anyway, sadly, I did not have an opportunity to view the place and am kicking myself about that. On the other hand, maybe I will get to meet the new owners, or perhaps in their own enthusiasm about their home, they will knock on our door one day.

Our House

Our House

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  1. Aimee

    Your home is prettier than the twin, I like your outdoor colors. I hope you get to see inside the other one though. 🙂

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