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Gardening, Need a Plant ID

by Laurel ~ May 6th, 2011

Jacob's Ladder?  Plant ID needed!

Jacob's Ladder? Plant ID needed!

We have been struggling to get the gardens under control, and that is a lot of work.

In Brooklyn, my back yard garden measured approximately 10 x 33 feet. I mowed the lawn with a weed whacker, and was known to complain about the limited space available for planting. Here, we have well over half an acre and it has been a challenge to learn about existing plants, what they require to thrive and what plants are pesky and need to go.

Case in point is the plant (pictured above) which is rapidly taking over an area in “the peninsula” section of the garden. When we moved in, someone told us it was not a weed and in fact was called “Jacobs Ladder.” While online information suggests twenty-five varieties of Jacob’s Ladder exist, most of the images display purple flowers (ours are white) and images of the white versions appear to closely resemble lily of the valley. At this point I think this plant seems more weed-like and is spreading rapidly (this spring, it is appearing in my hosta border). I think it needs to be removed, I may take a bit of it to my local plant supplier for an ID — or maybe just place this photo in a Flickr plant ID pool. If you know what it is, please respond via comment!

This afternoon — with another day of sunshine upon us — I will be working to remove most or all of this plant from the peninsula and in its stead will be adding colorful annuals. This year at least, over time we shall see about adding perennials.

2 Responses to Gardening, Need a Plant ID

  1. Donna

    I believe it is call Solomon’s Seal (Polygonatum commutatum)

  2. Jan

    Solomon’s Seal
    Polygonatum commutatum
    Lily family (Liliaceae)

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