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The Bunting Was Hung …

by Laurel ~ May 13th, 2011

… on La Belle Vie with care …

La Belle Vie with Patriotic Bunting

La Belle Vie with Patriotic Bunting

Yes we are ready for the Keuka Rifles send-off reenactment tomorrow. It is hot and steamy here today. Actually, it really is only in the low seventy degree range, but it is quite humid with a chance of rain in the forecast. Here is hoping the rain will be overnight and in fact not ruin all the hard work of the Yates County Genealogical and Historical Society. They deserve a spectacular turn out.

This morning I dropped off the crocheted gauntlets. I was tea-dying them at 4:00 a.m. and by mid day they were finally dry enough to drop off at the Underwood Museum. The Museum is a bustling center of activity today as last minute costume needs are attended to. I am pretty happy with how the gauntlets turned out and it is always fun to try something new in the crafts department, in this case tea dying.

Crocheted and Tea-Dyed Gauntlets

Crocheted and Tea-Dyed Gauntlets

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