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Bad Decision Andrew Cuomo

by Laurel ~ July 1st, 2011

Mo Fracking

Sorry, I know this is a blog connected to our business. And I also know — and have been told by many people — to separate politics from business. “Keep it neutral,” we have been told. And we do for the most part, carefully avoiding political and religious hot topics.

But this one bothers me and in fact is connected to the successful future of our business and lives here in central NY.

In the news today headlines are everywhere citing Governor Cuomo’s intention to lift the ban on hydrofracking in NY state.

I am seriously upset about this because I think it is a dangerous technique in that there is no reliable way of knowing the ultimate impact of this type of drilling in any given area. I have made it my business to learn more than what appears in the newspapers and pro-gas spin in the media. In fact I have personally met and talked at length with people with serious medical ailments. Some of these same people have no potable water on their land where it once was plentiful, farmers with a greater than 50% rate of stillbirths and mutations in their livestock. Most people have seen the videos of tap water in flames. There are many stories out there with clear evidence of hydrofracking impact.

Now I “get” that not all hydrofracking instances have negative outcomes. Perhaps some have not impacted the environment. But I do not think it worth a game of Russian roulette to find out how it will impact us here — our environment and our lives are not a game of chance.

Like the campaign to reduce cigarette smoking. No, not everyone who smoked died from it but why take that chance?

Now the gas companies will wave the carrot of employment opportunities, but a little investigation will tell you the jobs that become available are for the most part low level grunt work with no health care benefits.

Nice of Cuomo to allow fracking here — he will be safe in Albany and NYC. But what about the rest of us? As our representative, is he even listening to what we, the people, want? Sure seems like there are deals going on somewhere.

Even NJ has banned hydrofracking and at 33 to 1. What does that say about NY? Thanks for nothing Cuomo.

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  1. Llewellyn Lafford

    The word is, Cuomo and the DEC will ban it in the NYC and Syracuse watersheds but let the rest of the state fight it out locally with the Gas Companies. This is not fair and balanced; it is selfish and short-sighted.
    I voted for Andrew Cuomo because I thought he was a fair-minded, intelligent individual. I liked how, as NY State attorney general, he went after those corrupt individuals in big companies, banks, and investment houses who were taking advantage of their power. I was hoping he was a chip off the old block, Mario, who took difficult moral stands that made him a target (against corporal punishment, for women’s rights over their bodies). But Andrew seems to have succumbed to Corporate Big Money pressures. I wonder if the voting constituency in NYC and the NYC watershed plus Syracuse and its watershed are enough to re-elect him; that the rest of the state was safe to write-off. I wonder if that calculus was performed during the making of this decision.
    I know Andrew was caught in a situation where the state could be sued by the Gas Industry if we don’t allow them to drill. But not allowing them to rape the land, take their profits, then walk away, would have been the right choice and legally defensible.
    I am truly disappointed. If the Finger Lakes region is destroyed, if the tourists stop coming to enjoy its beauty, if the vineyards are tainted and the wineries go out of business, if my wife’s and my bed and breakfast that we sank all of our savings into fails, I’m moving into your mansion, Andrew, in Washington, Albany, or Queens, wherever you may be.

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