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Ten Years Ago …

by Laurel ~ September 11th, 2011

September 9, 2001 Llewellyn and Manhattan from Brooklyn

September 9, 2001 Llewellyn and Manhattan from Brooklyn

Today my sister-in-law Julia wrote to me via e-mail asking about this photograph. I had kind of forgotten about it.

We were living in New York City on the Upper West Side at the time and were at odds with our landlord, being forced into a move. If we vacated our rent stabilized apartment the landlord would be able to obtain a much higher rent. We had given in and decided Brooklyn was agreeable enough, and so our weekends were filled with real estate: open houses, drive by viewings and meeting with realtors.

This image was taken by me on Sunday afternoon on September 9th. I am thinking it may have been somewhere in Carroll Gardens, but I forget the details.

Note the buildings above Llewellyn’s right arm. This image marks the last time I saw them. I think Llewellyn probably saw them the next day — since his office was located two short blocks away from the the World Trade Center — but after that they remain only in memory.

We sent this image out to our family and friends because it pretty much said it all.

And on this ten year anniversary I can still feel the pain, it isn’t something forgetable. I’m glad Julia mentioned this image.

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