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Five Months and Counting …

by Laurel ~ September 25th, 2011

Fall Flowers at La Belle Vie

Fall Flowers at La Belle Vie

We have been fully open five months!

Running a B & B is an incredible amount of work, to do it correctly. Each of us has fallen into the daily tasks that suit us, no competition about it. I cook. Llewellyn serves. We both clean up the post-breakfast kitchen and we both work at keeping the house and guestrooms clean. Llewellyn does the lawn a la John Deer, I (attempt) to keep the landscaping in control. Each day is filled with work.

We are both enjoying the guests immensely — naturally I will not talk specifically about guests here. I will say that we have had an amazing array of visitors from all over the US, Canada, Germany and the UK and we have enjoyed them all. Collectively it makes for quite an interesting group and everyone has a story.

We have been getting positive online reviews, and that has helped put us on the “radar” as an existing business. When we began it was mostly weekends filling up, but now we are booking rooms during the week and have gone several weeks with no vacancy at all.

We still have not managed to get our sign installed. However we were approved by the local Historical Society (we do live in a registered historic district), and have our permit in hand to proceed. So we are just waiting to work out details with our contractor. I know, I know … the sign is NOT the last task we should be working on, but then we have never been conventional people.

What I love about the concept of owning a business is this: it is all on you, the owners. The success or failure is based on the choices you make and the energy you are willing to put into maintaining and developing your business. And that is the bottom line. You are responsible for the direction it takes and ultimately the success or failure of the endeavor.

So yes, there have been times we have been exhausted. There is little time for things like television anymore. We seek an hour here and there to work on ongoing projects. But I can say it all has been worth it so far. We are attempting to streamline the general operating processes and try to create more free time — I see it happening somewhat already and we will get better at it.

But a part of me is looking forward to the off-season this year, and that my friends is no lie.

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