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Love Thy Neighbor, NOT!

by admin ~ June 1st, 2008

Piggy Parker

Because I live in an area that has some driveways, in front of my house is a valuable segment of curb that allows for two cars to park.

However, lately a woman who owns not only the above car, but another large one, parks in the center. This prohibits anyone else from parking there. She uses one car, returns, makes room for the second car by repositioning the first. In the photo above, my driveway begins immediately to the left of the tree pit. the driveway of my neighbor begins where you see a hint of a yellow painted line, on the right. Given this, there is room for two cars only.

I spoke with her the other day about this because our driveway has been in use a lot lately with the impending move. So, when people block the driveway (and they are, with her parking in this manner) it is a problem. She stared at me like I was speaking a language she did not understand.

The owner of the car, shrugged and told me to call the cops. I’ve called the police before over this kind of issue (blocked driveway, car alarm horn that will not stop) and its taken them hours to respond. So clearly she matters and the rest of the world be damned. Other people on the block have spoken with her too, but evidently her own sense of entitlement is way too important to give a damn about anyone other than herself. When you encounter someone this inconsiderate there is a certain shock value to it.

Way to go, piggy parker! Couple more photos of this at my flickr account, linked to the image above.

[I just had to add that upon our return from Penn Yan, Piggy Parker had taken up the same two-space situation further up the block. My across the street neighbor let me know that someone had spray-painted her bumper and naturally she thought it was probably me. Luckily my neighbor told her we were out of town. I did try to warn her. People take parking very seriously in NYC. And no, I don’t feel sorry for her.]


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